Americans for Responsible Solutions


Americans for Responsible Solutions, now Giffords, fights for common sense solutions to gun violence. The organization is led by Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, true champions of the cause and fearless advocates for background checks. ARS started in 2013 and quickly took to the national stage, partnering with Revolution Messaging for digital strategy. Against tough critics and the bankroll of the NRA, ARS has played a key role in passing strong gun laws across the country and raising awareness of the mission.

During my time at Revolution Messaging, I had the honor of working with ARS in several roles. As the lead designer for ARS, I designed shareables, banner ads, email graphics, website headers and animated graphics for videos. Later, I served as the lead digital strategist for ARS’s PAC work in key states in 2014, leveraging microsites, social media and paid media to support background check champions in a critical election year. It was an honor working with the ARS team.

Provided graphics and contributed to videography of above video.

Created by Revolution Messaging on behalf of Americans for Responsible Solutions (now Giffords).