UltraViolet is an undeniable force on social media. The group – fondly known for its purple and teal aesthetic and honest content – fights for equality through digital organizing, a powerful brand and an engaged membership base of over 1 million. Revolution Messaging has been a creative partner since the group first formed in 2012, and I was honored to be on the account.

I served as lead designer for the brand during its formative years, pairing a distinctive tone and voice with recognizable, bold graphics. UltraViolet became the purveyor of truth through authentic language, and its social media footprint quickly grew. During this time, I designed countless shareables, including the Best Performing Progressive Facebook Post of 2013. I also designed digital advertising, animated graphics and collateral material. In 2012, I conceptualized, directed and produced an award-winning digital and TV ad demanding that Congress expand the Violence Against Women Act.

Created by Revolution Messaging on behalf of UltraViolet.
Creative Director: Arun Chaudhary